December 13, 2013

Roy Jacobsen - Child Wonder

Decision to buy this book was based solely on the fact that it was by a Scandinavian author, Norwegian to be precise. All the other circumstances were against it.

I found it in a dark and forgotten corner of a publisher's booth on the Belgrade Book Fair this year, with a few other titles, sold for just under 1 euro. A hundred dinars, it's a pretty symbolic price for books, implying that sales for the lot weren't so good and it was to be rid off.

So, my knowledge of Norway stops at Oslo, fjords, Nordic skiing and cold weather, embarrassingly, but for some reason (or many reasons) my instincts say Scandinavian = good. And my instincts were right so far and I spent hundred dinars well. So far I've really enjoyed the book and it's a rest for my mind after the brutality of GoT.

I didn't google the book or the author, I wanted to read it without any prejudice and I hope I'll keep loving it.



  1. oh, let me know what you think about it once you're done...

    1. I'm done! :)
      I really like it, it's nothing revolutionary but a simple 'coming of age story'. it's written from a point of view of a young boy and the way he perceives things happening and all the way through the story you understand what he can't. it's nice, not at all mushy, but still a gentle read to rest your mind and soul :)

  2. You take a great decision, I just choose to read a book with google it too ! Want to have my own opinion
    Nice post and blog girl, enjoy your reading

    Bisous from FRANCE