December 14, 2013

Marcel Makes Me Smile Today

* Last night the Skype conversation with my sister started with her saying: 'M. sent me the most beautiful little video I've seen in my life and I'll think it's the most wonderful thing forever. I'm sending you the link and I want you to watch it right now because I want to see your reaction.' And she sent me the link, and saw my reaction, and we laughed, and then I watched the video two more times last night. And you know what? I wish I could see your reaction watching this video, especially the last lines in part two. Yes, you must watch part two.

* More wonderful things for today, see how books are printed, from piles of paper to boxes ready for delivery to bookstores.

* And guess who wants to live here? 50 beautiful photos of cats living in a cat heaven on a small Japanese island.


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