June 5, 2013

I Wish...

            ... you didn't forget me while I'm hiding under a blanket on my couch . And I wish I could wear this outfit soon, very soon...

The white shirt – I've read about GAP white shirts several times. How they're all great, amazing and all the other adjectives in superlatives. Then one day by chance I met and fell in love with one, in a second hand store, for under 4 euro. And it's all true what they say, the cut is great the material is sturdy but light and it hugs all my 'curves' very well.

Trousers – You've already seen them here when I bought them at the flea market for half a euro last winter. They've had to wait for the more appropriate weather to join the other crazy printed pants I currently own*. Although now the weather is cruel to them again.
The bag was a New Year gift and it (I) could hardly wait for the sun to start shining.

Sunnies – These are vintage all the way and I should know since my mother bought them in the early 90s which means I've been trying to get my hands on them for a long time. My sister and I call them the chameleon sunnies since we repainted this little strip of pink twice already when originally it was white with pink flowers. First we painted it deep purple but after about two years we decided we needed more contrast in our life so we made it pink. And what happens next, we'll see...

The Book – (The Salmon of Doubt, Douglas Adams) Although technically it's not a novel, at least not a complete one, this is probably my favourite book ever. It's made of Adams' articles, stories and interviews collected after his untimely death and also the beginning of the latest Dirk Gently novel he never got to finish. I will stay forever enchanted with the story of diving** at the Great Coral Reef with giant manta rays that left my head in the air (ocean) for days and days to follow. And the beginning of the novel The Salmon of Doubt is also included in the book and once you read it you'll suffer for the rest. Unfortunately for this world, planet and the rest of the universe we'll never know what happened next...

Nail polish, a crazy colour joined the collection.

The ring, one of those I never want to take off but I have to before bad to avoid serious injuries for everyone involved.

Shoes take a pick!

* I believe that anyone who's seen me in the last couple of months believes I do not own any solid colour trousers anymore. 
** ...said the woman of 29 who still has to hold her nose to prevent water from getting in and starts drowning after a swimming for 5 minutes and really, badly wants to go diving with manta rays at the Great Coral Reef.



  1. oh, how is the Douglas Adams book? I don't think I've read it... or maybe I have and it was in German and the title doesn't translate well...

    1. the book is wonderful, my favourite! you should definitely read it, he was such a genius. i hope to find it in english because serbian translation is pretty crappy :)

  2. Speaking as someone who's recently become completely obsessed with it, you really should give swimming a go. It's never too late, and if you find a decent teacher to give you some a lesson or two, I doubt you'd be holding your nose anymore :) Plus, it really is the most wonderful form of exercise out there, hands down. Ok, just have to preach, since I'm a recent convert myself!


    1. :) i love water, i'm like a duckling in the shallow water, but i started swimming when i was 12 so i never got really sure of my self, and i'd love to go diving one day... i can't wait to see your photos from mexico :)