October 3, 2012

Greek Cat

First few days that we spent in Greece there was not a cat to be seen. Just a couple of angry looking tails that I spotted in a bush. And I'm also not counting the hundreds of cats on the shelves of souvenir stores and on the tote bags pictured in different moods (horny cat being my favourite). So I was left wondering how the Greeks could claim the cat the national animal when there were no cats.

And for a few days I was left without my favourite subject for stalking and photographing. But then on a third and fourth day there was a strong wind and the see was restless, waves huge. And after that when everything settled down, the temperatures dropped from around 33°C to 27-28 °C and they finally came. And they were everywhere...

Oh, cats how i love you because you are so much smarter than me and also you couldn't care less about that.



  1. oh, a beautiful post. cats are the best. couldn't live without them...