October 15, 2012

An Expensive Blue Coat

Levi s Made Crafted coat

Levi s Made Crafted coat (clipped to polyvore.com)

Thank you, Polyvore, for making me a better blogger! 
Today I saw 4 new comments and thought what a nice people you are, thinking of me even though there is no new posts. But the new post was there and how that happened, well, not a bad story.

I read a fun article over the weekend and decided to get inspired. So I started transferring the contents of my closet to Polyvore and making outfits (laugh if you will, but it's fun... and addictive, and time consuming). The point is to find the same (lucky) or similar items to the ones you own. 

And now we get to this coat. Last week I purchased the similar blue coat with a few pockets less and for a lot less money, actually for only 2 Euro. So I chose this Levi's one to represent mine on Polyvore, didn't even look at the brand or the price tag. And that is what caused this 'Polyvore incident'. Polyvore and Blogger decided that, out of all the things I added, this coat should become a post on the blog and be shared with the world. 

Now, I also have to add that besides the blue one I bought another lighter, dark grey coat, a long navy blazer and a black wool skirt and all that for less than 7 Euro. And for these I will apparently have to make posts on my own.