October 29, 2012

Ah! The Real Fall!

I feel that fall is a pretty mean season, disguising as nice, but you don't really know what's going to happen. You only think you do.

Summer is hot, winter is cold and spring is pretty and both. But fall, it makes you feel safe with it's balmy temperature and sunny days and pretty colours. When you can wear short sleeves, no tights but also boots*, or you can wear open toes and jeans without being overcooked.

Then the temperature drops and your jaw drops and suddenly there's snow in Germany**. And suddenly you wear a coat you had just bought this coat and left on the chair to wait for the right (cold) time to fulfill it's purpose, but the time came early. And when you looked at the pictures you realized it needed ironing. And I hate ironing. I like my stuff wrinkled. I mean YOU.

Ok, it was me, you got me. I'm mad at fall, I left the coat on the chair and I like wrinkled stuff, but now I have to get this coat ironed. Exhausting!

* When I was younger it always puzzled me how on Earth these girls in magazines wear sleeveless tops and high boots or sandals and a trench and jeans. When and where is that practical, but it's so cool. Well, the answer is (two-timing, two-faced) fall!

** Stay warm, Petra!


  1. thanks darling. I will :) I love your bag, by the way. and I can't see any wrinkles :)

  2. Kako kjut suknja! I ja mrzim peglati, bljak X_x