January 9, 2012

A skirt and a... winter?

If you live around here you'll agree with me that we are confused. Santa came and left, there was Christmas, New Year and all that, but shouldn't it be winter now?... Mmmmm, not so much. Well, I decorated, prepared my winter boots, I even made some resolutions (and managed to get the *loose the holiday weight* and *drink 8 glasses of water* in the first week by getting sick, completely losing appetite and living on soup, tea and water for a few days). And yes, I kind of have no idea where I am going with this post. These pictures- it was Decembar and I was in my summery skirt and spring jacket and I have no idea how to feel about that. I mean, it's fine dressing wise but how long I can go without a snowflake, that's a million *type in desired currency* question.

P.S. *GIVEAWAY* unfortunately, for the Balkan readers only.



  1. I love the photos!

    We've been having the same sort of strange weather here. Normally we're buried in snow by this point, but last week it was 53 degrees out, and tomorrow it will be near that again. I'm not complaining, as I like the warmer weather, but it does present a problem when it comes to dressing.

  2. thanks:)
    I like warmer weather too, but I hope it won't be snowing in May. And I just want to see and touch the snow, I like the protocol of having a proper spring, summer, autumn and winter time...

  3. Lepe,lepe fotografije! Mnogo cenim kada neko od blogera ima fotke koje nisu jednolicne, nego bas ovako divne! I autfit je superiska, i macka i boja kose...i golubovi! Odavno se spremam za neki golub fotoseshn! Super je blog!