January 30, 2012

1, 2, 3, round III

This is the first old stuff Monday this year. 

In eighth grade my best friend convinced me that everyone had to have an amulet, after her grandpa brought a necklace with a large pendant from a trip to Austria and she decided it was her amulet. So after an exhausting search I found this white heart in a Chinese shop (back when those were still exotic) and I was satisfied with its amuletty qualities. Later my sister wanted one and she got the blue heart. I'm not sure about the third one, maybe mum needed one, too. I found them in my parent's house last weekend and thought I could use them for a DIY project.

These bangles I bought five or six years ago at the flea market for about half a euro. I always have them with me. One of these little panels on the big one fell out when I hit the pole that wasn't there before  I have no idea how and when. Actually I heard when it hit the ground but only later did I realize the source of the sound. So I went back and tried to find it but it wasn't there. It's not really, really obvious that it's missing but I know and it hurts...

Also while visiting my parents I lost my favourite Labello. Then my dad came to rescue offering the very old type of lip balm that we have in Serbia that I forgot even existed and that he actually used (I know, fathers, right?). He had one extra container and it was so cute, all pink and with strawberries and actually very good. The day was saved!


  1. Those little hearts are so cute!! The detailing on them is just lovely!

  2. Baš si me dobro podsjetila, moram ja pronaći moju ogrlicu sa slonovima koju sam dobila od tete kad sam bila mala mala :) To je moj amulet :)