February 12, 2012

Snowy Sunday

I'll be quick: I am cold!!! It has been -10°C for two weeks. Thank you, I know what to wear now, a comforter and a blanket. And the picture below is how most of my pictures look like at the moment. The view makes the way to the work prettier bur sometimes in the morning I can't tell if I'm in the city or in the Alps.

And now the links (to look under a blanket).

* Back in school I was never good at science. Teachers liked me, though, so my grades were fine. But this chandelier is the very effective use of science if you ask me...

* Of course I love cateye look, that's really obvious. But even after years of practice I like finding new tutorials. This one is even illustrated.

* This would've been more suitable for a New Years resolution post, but reading it really made me happy. Why not see 100 ways to lead a better life anytime of the year?

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Baš je lijepa ova fotka...idiličan zimski dan!...bacim oko na preporuku...svakako!