January 15, 2012

Cat Ears

So, it was finally snowing for a while yesterday, hence the exclusive view of our balcony. I made this cat hat, inspired by this post on pretty.little.world. I decided to wear it when I'm going to the bank or any other similarly serious place, since I'm getting extremely annoyed that many people think that I'm about 15 and a half years old. This is my weird way of trying to be taken seriously (I know I am doing it wrong). I'm sure though that I'll be very happy about that when I am 78 and that I'm going to bore people with that story old lady style. 



  1. Sviđa mi se kombinacija.Super si napravila kapicu :)

  2. I love the cat hat! I have a mouse hat. Just a knit cap with tiny little mouse ears. People probably assume I'm 15 as well, but I really don't care.

    1. hahaha that's so cute. i can make teddy bear ears i guess if i make them bigger those can be mouse ears too. but that certainly won't help me get taken seriously :D

  3. Is this a bonnet? cute nekomimi bonnet style. I am thinking now to have this style also from PIJ.