September 10, 2012

What Is White?

I had a perfect packing session for the vacation. Everything according to THE list. Just enough clothes that I was happy and my suitcase was happy. 2 dresses, maxi and mini, plus one for the beach. 2 shorts, for everyday and again for the beach. 2 skirts, see previous. A few blouses, T-shirts and shirts. Something for every occasion and yet not too much stuff.

But I had no idea how the wardrobe spirits would play with me...

Just before we got off the bus in Pefkochori, Greece, I saw a lady on the street with the most beautiful white shirt dress over her bikini. And I said to my boy, if I had that shirt I would not take it off for the next ten summers. He smiled innocently, not even suspecting how true this could be. And that same night my eyes were drawn to its whiteness. And for just 7 euro I had it, and now I'm ready for the next 10 summers.

So, you have the opportunity to see what I was wearing for the half of my summer vacation (until there was a written plea to, please, take it off). It's not really of dress length, unless worn over a bikini, but it's great with shorts. The fact is, if there weren't persons physically stronger than me in the room, I would also be sleeping in it And its perfectly wrinkled state is one more proof of the obsession (we had no iron).