August 19, 2012

New Post

I've been looking forward to writing this post for days. I missed you all so much! I cannot wait to see the '(1) comment awaiting moderation' notification, oh, it's gonna be so moderated with love!

This is what happen in the meantime. Days off at the end of July, with no chance of going somewhere for vacation, turned into a new, unexpected job. August turned into doing two jobs. And the last week turned into working a double shift at one job for the week, than going home and working on the second job. Now, am I forgiven?

I wasn't aware how much this blog meant to me until I was forced to leave it for a while. Meanwhile, the blog turned 1 without me. I did something, I didn't have to do, for a whole year... doesn't sound like me and it makes me so proud, and I want to do it for a long time.

Anyway, I have only 5 more work days to survive and then I'm going to GREECE! And beware! I missed blogging so much that I'm taking my net book with me and if the gods of internet have mercy ('cause maybe they live on mount Olympus, too), hopefully, there'll be some posting.

And finally, I have to share something my oh-so-nice boyfriend said to me recently 'Since now you are a professional writer (gulp!), i.e. you're paid for your writing, you must watch something.' Professional writer sounded so nice and it never occurred to me before.  And that's how a whole new dimension opened in my head, so I must share this with you:

P. S. This new job, nothing deep or revolutionary, but a step forward to 'my mountain'. I hope you don't mind I'm not sharing anything, I'll need sometime for that.

P. P. S. Yes, these are Instagram pictures, I have Instagram, and that's a whole new story that you will hear soon

P. P. P. S. I missed you, guys, sooooo much!!!