July 22, 2012

A Perfect Voice

* So many talented ladies in one place. So much style. So much inspiration.

* Everything you wanted or didn't want to know about most famous designer houses in the world. A little bit of history and a little bit of scandal.

* If you are planning a trip to Rome soon (lucky girl) or you are dreaming of a trip to Rome (lucky dreamer) you should read this guide by Claire Oldman from Lola is Beauty.

I hope that you are having one great summer. That you are eating enough ice cream and water melon. That you are spending enough time in your bathing suit, even if it's on your balcony or back yard. And that you are remembering to forget, at least for a little while, about work (school, exams and such boring stuff).



  1. These ladies are great... I wish I were planning a trip to Rome!

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  2. this is beautiful <3