July 1, 2012

Some links and a butterfly

These are the five things without which I would not survive today: an electric fan, the TV remote, coffee, a book and closed blinds on all the windows

On a different note, this butterfly was a great model, very cooperative. Probably because it was the day after it finally rained. Although my tiny orange Nikon wasn't up to the task and out of 18 shots only a few can be used. 

Anyway, I wish you a happy July and great plans for this month. In the meantime, let me entertain you.

* It's easy to dream of Holland when it's hundred degrees outside here. At least there you can wear your silver pants and ride your bike where ever you like. (Milica was also thinking of Holland these days.)

* 50 books? Yes, please. I can already tick off about twenty from the list. And I recommend To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee as a starting point.

* And in the end something beautiful.



  1. what a beautiful photos. I caught a nice butterfly over the weekend too. and much like you, only a few of my pics turned out nicely....

  2. Ohhh que lindinho, linda borboleta!!! Adoramos seu post!!! Beijinhos do TC.

  3. your pics are stunning!!!
    Just found your blog and I think is super!
    I've started following you on Bloglovin!
    like to follow back? we could stay in contact if you like!! I hope so!!
    kisses dear!!!