August 27, 2011

Reading on repeat

This is my copy of To Kill a Mocking Bird, it’s from 1974 and I also bought it for just 1 euro last year. It was purchased on my favorite Belgrade Book Fair where I go for book overdose, once a year unfortunately, but it is always worth it. I read a lot, really, really, but recently I got to the phase of re-reading some books as I feel like it wasn’t me who read them before. I guess it’s that ageing thing or something like that...(insert apprehensive smiley face)

I read it for the university assignment long time ago. It wasn’t easy as it was my first year of studying and my English was far worse than today. But it stayed in my mind and I’am curious to see how I will manage this time round after about 9 years (man, that much?).


  1. I try not to think about how many years have passed since things happened, as I'm always completely blown away by how long ago some things were!

    I think you'll like the book even more on a second go around. The first time I read it was in school, and then just re-read it again a couple of years ago. I though it was okay the first time, but fell in love with it this last time.

  2. uh kako sam ja davno citalu tu knjigu, vise je se ni ne secam, mogla bih da to ponovim.. ja uvek citam knjige iznova i iznova.. za mene - ako je knjiga dobra, uvek zelim da je procitam ponovo i sve te omiljene imam i citam ih jednom godisnje hehe.. to je mozda do mog mozga - ja zapravo nikad ne pamtim o cemu se u knjigama radi, cim ih procitam ja sve zaboravim, sve osim toga kako sam se osecala dok sam citala.. valjda svaki sledeci put tragam za tim osecajem, to mu dodje kao neka droga :)