August 25, 2011

The skirt

For just 1, I say ONE, euro I bought this skirt on a flea market on Saturday. The man was selling out everything on the pile for 1 euro, but I thought there was no way he would give me this skirt for that little. First I thought why no one else snatched it, people are crazy or am I crazy maybe it’s the ugliest skirt in the world and I am the only one who likes it. Either way I was prepared to give that man everything I had in my wallet at that moment, be it a gold bar (which I didn’t then… or ever… or ever will… but I would give it… probably). 

Anyways, with the squeakiest voice I asked how much for this one and he said ‘Everything for 100 dinars’ (that’s 1 euro). Never was I quicker to open my wallet. I believe I was kind of running home thinking he would change his mind and go after me. I still adore it and I'm still not sure everyone else think it's horrendous. 

Now the skirt waits for the golden moment to be worn and a 3 pounds to be shed, since I can zip it but the sitting would be tricky, and the breathing part is important to me, too. But you know when there is motivation…

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe you got this skirt for only 1 Euro! Good gracious! When you say that this is "the skirt," it for sure is -- like the only skirt that you would ever need, ever.

    It's wonderful.