May 30, 2015


Another weekend so are you resting properly? I hope you are aware that it's almost the end of the strawberry season in this part of the globe and that you are using the most of these last few moments we have with them.

So, if you are in a proper weekend mode, you have something to sip and/or snack on, or whatever weekend modus operandi you prefer, let me show you around the World Wide Web:

*  This is similar to living with a cat except you get a lot less support and much more open criticism (or simple ignore if you are lucky). 
*  Do you follow Severus Snape on Instagramu? No!? Scandal!!!
 An interesting blog for some reading and eating inspiration.


  1. ugh. the end of strawberry season. i hope not :) happy weekend xoxo

    1. just a little more time left I' counting strawberry by strawberry :)