May 12, 2015


So, you haven't seen me in about a thousand years, but if I tell you a crazy story of what I've read recently, you'll forgive me, right? And tell me what you've been reading right, right?

I have this group of FB friends, my group of ladies who read, you know you probably have one. We started sharing our passion for reading a long time ago in high school and they're the ones I always trust to recommend the best books, movies, music, shows, anything. So, last winter I started hearing whispers of Outlander. I pay attention and ladies are fainting, all I hear is Jamie, Jamie... aaargh, aaaargh, hot hot hot.... I hear a book, I hear a BBC series. Finally, I ask timidly and they scream at me: 'START READING IT NOW, WOMAN!!!' Well, what am I to do but charge the Kindle, download all the books and start reading immediately.

And man, did they %!!*/## me! I'm reading and I'm befuddled. People, who is this woman, what the what is she doing and can I slap her? What's happening in this book?! How is she a WWII nurse and doesn't recognize blood? /**Spoilers ahead: And fine, she managed to accidentally go back in time a few hundred years, but why the why is she not looking for the f-ing rock that took her back and how does she casually get married (maybe she thinks she should be married in every century?) And did she just chat with the Loch Ness monster. /I get it, the dude from the past is super hot and a virgin, but this woman owes me a hair cut and some hair dye, because my hair got grey and then I started pulling it out reading this book. But I read it, just the first one though or I'd be bald now.

I read it and there were many face palms right until the very last sentences. I still had to finish it. I even watched a few episodes of the show so no one can say I didn't give it a fair chance, I did, ladies.

But you know I'm willing to admit it's not all that dark*. If I've been warned in time not to expect anything more than hot virgin male protagonist, some rolling around in grass and several caves, sword fights and wild riding, some flogging, and beautiful descriptions of Scotland, I'd say fine and read it without complaints. But my expectations were high and I was left disappointed and wanting to go to Scotland so, so much! So, my friends, you've been warned and only now I can allow you to go read Outlander (if you still want to and if you haven't already).

*Mostly because a long time ago I also read the first book of Twilight.



  1. you're back!!!!! I missed you. and thanks for the review. a good friend of mine keeps telling me to watch the show. I'm not too tempted, to be honest, and after your review I am even less... anything else I should read???

    1. I wanted to hit myself with a hammer watching the show, the whole thing is ridiculous :D
      I really really liked Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow and From Russia With Love was a nice surprise, that was my winter reading list :)

    2. And yes, glad to see you too :)