November 22, 2011


I like to use word pelerine for poncho or cape, or as we say it here in Serbia pelerina. I loved this word when I was a kid, simply because it rhymes with ballerina. I believed that wearing a pelerina somehow made me more of a ballerina. Ah, to be 5 years old! I've never became a ballerina, but the word pelerina stayed and now I'm sharing it with the world.

This pelerina is a flea market find. It was about 2. There was another one on the pile, red with the hood. It looked like it belonged to the Little Red Riding Hood herself, but my wallet had already suffered enough that day, so the other one probably made someone else happy.

And this hat is another story. My boyfriend inherited it from his grandpa. It was bought in Italy long time ago. We were told to take good care of it since it's worth probably about ***€  and that's the last thing we remember from that day...


  1. I love the whole outfit! I also now may start calling my capes pelerina - it sounds much more lovely than cape, and certainly leagues better than poncho!

  2. Cute boots! I love the cape, too. So adorable.