November 11, 2011

111111 (One Friday)

I'm going to use this opportunity to mark the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of this special day, 11/11/11, and pronounce it the minute-for-not-working........ there, I hope you used this time wisely. And I'm just going to add TGIF, a special day indeed.

One more thing, I'm not really liking all this November/fall atmosphere. I'll admit it, the colours are nice, they go well with my boots (the ones I wore to the book fair, but weren't in the pictures). September and October were much nicer and they smelled of roasted peppers here in Belgrade, and now November smells of smog. And the wind... just dare to go out, and if you do, don't bother doing your hair beforehand. Last week I wore sunnies, even though it was cloudy, to protect my eyes from all the dust. Then I met a friend and he said: -You look really popular like that! So there you have it, just match your shoes and sunnies to November and you're good to go. (If this guy only new what I had looked like just an hour earlier crocheting this little hat in my pjs and funny socks.)

And how's November treating you?


  1. Our November has been all over the place: unseasonably warm and sunny - freezing + blizzarding - warm and sunny - cold and sunny...

    It's not been horrible, just really difficult to know how to dress from day-to-day!

  2. well, ours is plain mean, it's freeeezing all the way!!!
    except when i run off to the woods like i did when i took these pictures, i pretty much hate going out of the house...