July 11, 2013


The only thing I regret about this book is not saving it for reading on the beach in August. I'm that person who cannot watch horror films because I still get nightmares, so I gave up and I don't care for the undead of any kind or shape. But this book is something completely different. Written as a series of interviews and testimonials by the survivors of the Zombie War (open mind, open mind), it is completely addictive. I read it after reading this post about it and I couldn't describe it any better. And before that I ignored it for two years it has been standing on our book shelf after my boyfriend manage it to get it sent from the US. I recommend zombily!


  1. oh, sounds good. I've been looking for a good summer read (not that I don't have plenty of unread books...) - will have to see if I get it for my kindl.

  2. let me know what you think, i believe you're already hooked :)

  3. Maybe I will give it a shot. For some reason when things get hyped up this much I develop a weird resistance to them, which is silly because sometimes the hype is well-deserved. So maybe I should give this book a chance. Thanks for the recommendation!