August 28, 2015

Daffy Wore It Better

This is my favorite old-lady-going-to-the-farmer's-market outfit. Also it's kind of representative of the still current minimalist fashion trend. Yes, I studied that minimalism, 33 garments per season, just 5 new pieces per season. I concluded that I am a very advanced minimalist since I barely have 33 pieces per 4 seasons. I'm totally trendy, even avant-garde.

For example I told you all about this blouse 2 years ago and it's still royalty in my closet. All the other blouses hate her and she still goes out more often than others.

I also told you all about this skirt last year and I don't even remember how many years ago I bought it.

Same with the necklace. Here it is having the best time with the royalty blouse 3 years ago.
Sunglasses... something has to be new.

And, oh yes, the bag is kind of new, but it's gold and it was on sale, I swear.
The sandals? That's another story.

You see I wanted platform sandals since I was a kid, literally. Ever since I saw this scene, I admired Daffy's giant feet on platforms. Whenever I see platforms I hear boom-chiki-boom ha ha. Recently I pinned them and pinned them. I had to find the ones that wouldn't hurt my barely functional right foot, which only goes above the height of 2 cm in special occasions. And then I finally saw them right under the 50% off sign. I took them, thank you very much!

Now I'm not sure if I lost the title of the queen of minimalism fashion since this is my second pair of sandals this year (the first) but it's totally fine because my childhood dream finally came true, I'm wearing the same shoes as Daffy Duck!