August 26, 2015

This Summer...

I apologise to all the friends whose birthdays I forgot or missed during June and July. I almost even forgot my own sister's birthday. Forgive me, I'll make it up, but this summer jumbled me up with good and bad (mostly good) and I held on tight like it was a real roller coaster.

1) We started off by finally buying a decent, big suitcase. You can't be a serious traveller without a real suitcase, right? It became a symbol of this summer, we overpacked it and underpacked it, and presently it's staring at me from the corner of the room asking to be taken out again.

2) Then we bought tickets for the Robbie Williams concert except it felt like this AAAAA ROBBIIIIIE AAAAA WE ARE GOING TO THE CONCERT!!!!

3) Then little Kosta was born, my boyfriend's nephew, and now we are aunt and uncle and we are goood! We can sing and bounce and shshshsh and laugh and goo and ga and gau, we are pro and we don't even have to change the diapers, WIN!

4) And the day after Kosta was born we celebrated in style at the Robbie Williams concert. I thought my nice boyfriend had the umbrella and he thought I did. It started raining with the first beats of Let Me Entertain You and ended as soon as the show ended. We walked home, wet, happy and hungry. Over the bridge and through the sleepy Belgrade and we were COMPLETELY ENTERTAINED.

5) A few days later, after we finally met Kosta and presented our gifts like Cinderella fairy Godmothers, we set off to Greece for our official 10 days of summer holiday. A 12-hour bus ride seemed easy as we got the 4 front seats on the upper deck with the big window in front of us. Just as we got comfortable, about 2 hours into the trip, the bus broke and was replaced by a tiny matchstick box. Just my luck.

But I had the next 10 days to recover from the shock. On the beach, watching sunsets, on the balcony, watching the pool. Eating a lot of chocolate cake and peach compote for breakfast. Running from the beach to devour tones of watermelon in the afternoon. And after that I comforted myself a bit more in the evening with some beer and Pringles or wine and chocolate. 

6) Then we got back to Belgrade, but Belgrade seemed angry that we had fun somewhere else and tried to fry us at 40 degrees Celsius so we had to run away.

We went to a tiny town and a mineral spa Vrnjacka banja and we learned what it means to live in a town that is one big park; what it means to wake up and look out of the window and to see only green, to wake up without the sound and smell of city buses and traffic; what's the optimum time spent sitting in the garden/balcony/backyard before and after every meal, before and after swimming, and before bed at night and after you wake up in the morning. We also learned that we like having at least 2 different cakes in the fridge at all times and that we all like Cuba Libre. And the most important thing we learned is to take all these habits back home!

And in the end there is still a nice chunk of summer left and this is not all. My new sewing machine is coming and also some plane tickets, so the excitement is still rising and I intend to stretch out this feeling at least until the winter.